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This is our daily business. And it comes in all shapes and sizes. The best way to get to know us and our range of work is by diving into the following five projects. Enjoy.


    lala Berlin

    New Digital Appearance &
    Contextual Online Shopping


    Vitra Workbays

    3D Showroom
    for the iPad


    adidas Journeys

    Digital storytelling
    for the urban audience


    Freunde von Freunden

    More than an International
    Interview Magazine



    Brand Communication &
    Online Shopping for Mobile

Freunde von Freunden

More than an international interview magazine.


Freunde von Freunden is a magazine showcasing the talents of the NoMoreSleep agency while also spotlighting our extensive network of creative friends.


With time and love, FvF has evolved into an international lifestyle portal portraying how a diverse group of creative people live and work in over 85 cities worldwide. Along the way, we have partnered with Mercedes-Benz, Vitra and The Zeit to create compelling original content.

that's what we meant
with 'we just become
our own client'


Friends of Friends Network

FvF Magazine is a living memento of a growing network of collaborators and friends that we have been fortunate to meet and work with over the years.


Personal recommendations from over 180 contributing tastemakers worldwide are what have allowed us an authentic and timeless window into the personal environments of creative folks.


Our network now extends to 85 cities in
30 countries on almost every continent.
And we're constantly growing, day by day.

for us to keep,
for the world to see.
2.5MIOMonthly Impressions


This is where it all started back in 2009. By now the oldest existing element of FvF has evolved into a hub that unites most of our actions.



With the integrated production company we love to create genuine video content by telling great stories for the FvF website as well as for brand and corporate clients.

our second book
is now out!
this is our
very first book


We've moved beyond the digital. Utilising the
classic and timeless print format we've redefined
the scope of FvF's projects. Thanks to the publishing
house Distanz and our distributor Die Gestalten Verlag,
FvF books are available worldwide.

500Downloads per day

iPad App

This app showcases our expertise with the iPad. The app offers our audience another way to enjoy our interviews with the advantage of exclusive and offline content, optimised readability and bigger, more beautiful images (just to name a few features).

all of this enabled
by our great partner vitra

Travel Blog

Travel is an essential part of the FvF universe.
With our travel blog, we provide a glimpse into the inspirational experiences of our team and
contributors around the globe.



At FvF, we're obsessed with music. With over 80 mixtapes (and counting) compiled by our team and friends, we constantly provide a soundtrack to the world of FvF via our iTunes podcast and Mixcloud.

still waiting for benji b
to apply though
500KDaily Impressions

Social Media

Facebook, Tumblr, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest are all important marketing tools for us. But we don't believe in annoying people with the same message on every channel, so we produce bespoke content for each platform.


500Portraits 60Videos 25KPhotographs


FvF produces quality content and creative experiences that cross boundaries beyond classic agency formulas. We explore new and established channels of communication with our
growing editorial team and network around the globe.

Content production includes clients like Nokia,
Design Hotels, Condé Nast, Closed, C&A and others.


"I search for ideas that differentiate through sophisticated content and smooth customer interaction (…) Smart sites such as that provide premium content have been curated by the trustees of independent networks."

Thomas Andrae in Monocle Issue 61, March 2013

"With both interviews and photographs generated by a circle of Berlin-based friends and acquaintances, the book successfully differentiates itself from the glut of similar 'personal space' models. Describing the unique 'friends of friends' concept."


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