A new model
for a sleepless industry.

When starting MoreSleep in 2012 we wanted to dispel the notion that creativity requires non-stop work at a desk. We’d been there and done that (in fact, our previous agency was called NoMoreSleep).

Realising that ideas spark at random we created a more sustainable and collaborative process. From there, MoreSleep came naturally.

Our values

For better work (and better sleep)

No one knows everything. We collaborate, bring talent together and trust in each other.

Time is our secret super power. We use it wisely, and save it where we can.

We never stop asking questions. We’re constantly looking for deeper knowledge and understanding, which leads to new and exciting ways of doing things.

Beauty is great, usefulness is greater. We create value that stand the test of time.

If work is worth doing, then it will be fun. And we can find fun wherever we look.

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Work with us

Our History

  • Frede and Torsten met in Berlin

  • Founded NoMoreSleep

  • Founded Freunden von Freunden as side-project

  • Sold NoMoreSleep to TBWA

  • Founded MoreSleep

  • Opened FvF Friends Space in Berlin

  • Moved into our new Kreuzberg office

  • Los Angeles office opens in Echo Park

Our team

Designers, thinkers, futurists, explorers

We have an office in Berlin and a bunch of kitchen tables, desks, and cafes across the globe. We bring together the best talent from our network to create world-class work.