A white label and easy to update consistent design solution for all five restaurants (Pauly Saal, Grill Royal, Le Petit Royal, Einstein Unter den Linden and Kin Dee) of the Grill Royal Group.

We have incorporated multiple design elements that can be customized with a ‘white-label’ solution, allowing the creation of a more branded and individual style for each of the five restaurants.

To add individuality and identity, each restaurant has it’s own highlighted colours directly selected from their interiors and branding. A subtle design element which allows for instant recognition and brand identity, but still falling into a white-label concept.

Redesign and new white label based site architecture of Berlin’s elegant grill restaurant Grill Royal

Michelin Star Restaurant Pauly Saal in Berlin

New white label based website for Berlin restaurant Einstein Unter den Linden

New Design and full website for the contemporary Thai restaurant and latest restaurant of the Grill Royal Group -Kin Dee

Art Direction and ongoing content and photography production for all restaurants.