Weiler Brand

A new brand identity for an old family tradition

Weiler is the reinvention of a family-run apple liquor distillery near Bodensee, turning a traditional schnapps into a brand with a visual identity steeped in the family’s history.

Johannes Weber, the grandson of the distillery's founder.

The brand logo takes inspiration from old liquor bottles of small distilleries found throughout Germany. To go along with the wordmark, a custom stamp was created, based on the “W” of the family crest used a seal of authenticity.

Each distilling process produces around 300 bottles that are sold as limited batches in selected shops.
The bottle’s label is customisable to be reused through the years. The distiller’s name, bottle number and year of production are handwritten on the bottle’s packaging, and manually stamped with the family seal.

The clean one-page website follows the brand’s identity and contains insights into the distilling process, showing the care that goes into each bottle, down to the selection of apples.

As part of the brand kick-off, in collaboration with our sister publishing agency Friends of Friends, we created the visual assets and content for the brand’s social media and online presence.

A list of resellers for limited edition Weiler liquor is also shown on the site

Through our article on Friends of Friends we launched Weiler’s website, creating a deeper connection to Johannes’ family history and their tradition.

At nearly a century old, the distillery’s transformation into the Weiler brand gives the region a distinct representative of its traditional apple schnapps, and preserves the family’s history for time years to come.


Read the profile on Johannes, his family and their distillery on Friends of Friends.