An interactive journey shows another side of Adidas

We developed a strategy, concept and design for Adidas that puts storytelling first, offering bespoke online and offline experiences under the Journeys banner.

The interactive Journeys experience allowed bike enthusiasts to embark on a breathtaking tour of Italy’s Südtirol through the eyes of eight different cyclists from around Europe. The website showcases detailed information on each rider and each leg of the route, with glorious photos of all the peaks and valleys.

Alongside daily video documentation, personal photos and reflections from the riders were collated in an online diary and lookbook.

In collaboration with our sister agency Friends of Friends, we created editorial video portraits of select Adidas racers, such as this one with Berlin photographer and Journeys team member David Fischer, who got his start snapping images of friends at bike races.

Engage with some of the most interesting people we met in the Dolemites over at Friends of Friends.