aleo solar

A sustainability product becomes a lifestyle brand

Aleo Solar makes sustainable and efficient solar panels and modular energy-saving systems. Aleo has always been practical, but together, we made them desirable.

We helped Aleo differentiate itself from its competitors with a complete brand overhaul. Cutting-edge design and an editorial feel encourage browsing, while answering buyers’ questions both big and small.

An eye-catching press kit underscores Aleo’s quality while establishing them as a modern, forward-thinking brand. Branded collateral and guidelines ensure that all of Aleo’s messaging matches while future-proofing the brand.

We supervised the art direction and 3D modeling of Aleo’s solar panels, making it easy to choose between a variety of contemporary options with 360° views, easy-to-read specs and downloadable PDF guides. We directed a high-quality brand video and eye-catching press shots that tell the story of Aleo’s craft, while Technology and Blog sections offer insight into the science of the solar revolution.

The world needs solar energy, and Aleo’s new website makes it more appealing than ever. Here comes the sun.