Bianca Chen

Crafting a Brand for Curatorial Excellence

For Bianca Chen, an independent curator and the elder daughter of esteemed collector JF Chen in Los Angeles, we developed a new brand strategy and visual identity from scratch. Bianca’s unique approach to art curation, which we have termed “Curated Chaos,” beautifully blends traditional and contemporary art elements, offering a fresh and dynamic perspective to the art scene. Our approach seamlessly integrated her prestigious heritage with this modern vision, revitalizing her brand and positioning her as a key influencer in the global art scene while honoring her family’s legacy.

Our first step was to develop a coherent brand strategy that would not only encapsulate Bianca’s unique vision but also resonate with a diverse audience. We created a vibrant visual identity, choosing a color palette that reflects the energy and diversity of Los Angeles while also embodying the spirit of Bianca’s curatorial style and heritage. To enhance this, we combined the vibrant color palette with a functional but distinctive typographic and layout approach.

Bianca chen identity

We designed and developed Bianca Chen’s website, specifically focusing on showcasing her curatorial projects and capturing her unique “Curated Chaos” style. We incorporated interactive elements such as hover animations, which contribute to a dynamic and engaging user experience. The design of the website reflects Bianca’s innovative approach to art curation, making it easy for visitors to explore her projects and gain insight into her distinctive perspective on art.

Bianca’s approach features a curated selection of contemporary art that bridges the past and present, with artists such as Hun Chung Lee and Ben Medansky exemplifying her unique vision. The website serves as a hub for art enthusiasts to explore her past exhibitions, upcoming projects, and initiatives supporting economic opportunities and gender equity for artisans worldwide.

The strategy and design, executed by the renowned MoreSleep agency, reflect Bianca’s vibrant and dynamic curatorial style. The new visual identity incorporates a color palette that mirrors the energy of Los Angeles and a functional yet distinctive typographic layout. Developed using Webflow, the website showcases Bianca’s curatorial projects, enhancing user engagement and reflecting her innovative approach to art curation.

The launch of Bianca’s new brand and website is aimed at increasing her visibility within the art community. We look forward to seeing how these efforts will help expand her influence. We are excited to continue our collaboration with Bianca on upcoming events and exhibitions.

To discover more about her innovative curatorial work and stay updated on her latest activities, visit her newly designed website: