Billy Wilder

Repositioning penthouses from top floor, to top seller

Facing a low buying interest in Berlin's biggest real estate project, property broker Ziegert teamed up with MoreSleep to help regenerate sales.

Our approach was an overhaul of their art direction and collateral, bringing an aspirational yet homely feeling into their imagery and sales materials.

Following initial audiences work to determine the property’s positioning, we staged a penthouse as a show flat. We aimed to make the property feel ‘lived-in’ and warm so that potential buyers could easily identify themselves within the apartment.

Photography was handled by our sister company, Friends of Friends, capturing the space as a lifestyle portrait.
Meanwhile, we overhauled the property’s sales collateral and website, creating a unified look & feel alongside the styling that formed a holistic communication concept.

The outcome was an rapid uptick in sales interest, resulting in the successful placement on the market.