Episode Hotels

Brand building for the hotel of the future

Episode Hotels are building a revolution in hospitality. We partnered with a team of Georgian futurists to create the brand strategy and identity for a minimalist, tech-driven hotel that offers affordable luxury to design-loving travellers.

Brand Strategy

Episode’s brand values and Purpose reflected an international focus and scalability.


The name ‘Episode’ came from the idea that every traveller tells their own story, with each journey becoming an entry into an ongoing series.

A straightforward naming framework allows for future expansion into new cities, neighbourhoods, and business ventures.

Comms Positioning & Tone of Voice

Episode’s comms and Tone-of-Voice stay true to Episode’s brand values, staying fresh, engaging, relatable, and naturally focused on their guests.

Brand Identity

‘Outlines’, our identity concept, positions the hotel as a simple frame containing the essentials for every traveller. This frame embodies the brand’s storytelling role, surrounding guest’s individual narratives, creating a focal point for the world of experiences outside.


Episode’s website is currently under construction, and the hotel itself launches in early 2021.