Branding for the collaborative initiative on the future of urban living

The Sooner Now is a joint initiative of MINI Germany and Friends of Friends. Since 2016, a series of events have been exploring and questioned the future of urban living, bringing together alike minds.

The logotype is a representation of old and new, a meeting point between serif and sans-serif fonts creating new letterforms. The identity of The Sooner Now uses colours and visuals inspired by urban scenarios such as graffiti or street signages.

As for the nature of the initiative, the identity has been evolving together with the topics treated. The result is a fully flexible and unapologetic character still recognisable by its key visual elements.

Street poster
A1 Program Flyer
Online and podcast collateral for promotion
Social media content and management
A responsive modular platform linking a self-podcast and editorial content

In collaboration with MINI we’ve developed events across Germany over three years, where creatives and interested would meet and share ideas on the future of urban living.

This opened the opportunity for an online publication platform, and an additional monthly podcast which has been fully produced by Friends of Friends. To listen to our podcast on Spotify follow this link


The Sooner Now continues to inspire and connect people, as a new mode of interaction and reflection on our future and relations to the city we look forward to seeing which new answers we’ll be able to give to our question “what is the future of urban living?”.
If you would like to collaborate or are curious about the project please look at the link below.