The Sooner Now: Exploring the future of urban living

The Sooner Now is a joint initiative between MINI Germany and Friends of Friends. Since 2016, we’ve been bringing together creatives to explore and question the future of urban living.

We’ve partnered with MINI to develop events where interesting people meet and share ideas about the cities of the future. The series started with 300 people at Friendspace, our 350-sq metre event space in Berlin, and has since traveled to 6 cities in Germany. Speakers and attendees represent the most forward-thinking minds in art, design, architecture, gastronomy, sustainability and beyond.

Street poster
A1 Program Flyer
Online and podcast collateral for promotion
Social media content and management
A responsive modular platform linking a self-podcast and editorial content

Our event series naturally led to the creation of an online platform to keep the ideas circulating and growing, designed by MoreSleep and editorially curated by Friends of Friends. We also developed The Sooner Now into a monthly podcast series, discussing topics such as alternative economies, mobility, urban spaces and the social development of culture with some of Germany’s brightest minds. Listen to The Sooner Now podcast on Spotify here.

MoreSleep created all the branding and collateral for The Sooner Now with the future in mind. The bold visuals of the program, posters and invitations move to the pace of the city streets, while the logo and fonts represent the meeting of the old and the new, mashing up serif and sans-serif styles to create new letterforms.

As we move into a new century, The Sooner Now looks forward to generating even more fresh perspectives on the future of urban living. If you are curious about the project or would like to collaborate, get in touch here.