A visual identity and digital home for a musical company

Playdis collaborate with world class talent to create original composition from independent short films to international commercials. We worked with them to create a new modern identity and create a new innovative website to showcase their work around the globe.

The identity combines geometric and organic lines as a representation of the immersion of audio into video. A refined yet bespoke aesthetic distinguishes and validates the excellence and innovation of Playdis.

The website redesign focuses purely on the visual, and therefore the audio, experience of the work. We crafted the site with useful animations and interactions that lets users guide through the website seamlessly.

Our brand work brought the vibrancy and variety of Playdis’ work into the core of their brand, adding a colourful musicality to the visual language of their website. By working closely together with Playdis, our identity work brought fresh confidence and swagger to the agency.