Mixing organic with high-tech for an AI-powered startup

Swayed uses AI to help hospitality clients provide next-level service. We designed their logo, identity and website to represent a balance between advanced technology and human interactions.


The logo translates the concept of “swayed,” combining the organic and the high-tech. A tonal purple palette is both modern and warm, reinforcing the relationship between the human and the platform.

A responsive website opens with an eye-catching video that visually underscores what Swayed is all about. Quick scrolling reveals easy-to-read text and screen captures that clearly explain Swayed’s unique services, while dynamic transitions and lively photos highlight the human engagement that drives this technology.

SWAYED’s digital presence is now direct, effective and futuristic, without losing a human touch. If you’re in the hospitality business, SWAYED may be just what you’re looking for.