A memorable identity inline with an unforgettable restaurant

In 2019, chef and James Beard nominee Kelly Whitaker opened BRUTØ restaurant inside Denver, Colorado's Free Market marketplace. One of nine small retail spaces, BRUTØ prides itself on locally-sourced ingredients and heritage grains – the foundation of their menu – with a focus on sustainability.

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The BRUTØ logo design is inspired by the rustic yet soft restaurant space, with its unforgettable concrete and wooden elements. We developed the Ø wordmark to be strong yet elegant; it can stand independently, which works particularly well for the business cards, social platforms and indoor signage. The rich teal branding colour echoes the earthy colors of produce while balancing well with interior elements such as green tiles and many indoor plants.

The menu captures the essence of BRUTØ’s minimalist and approachable dining experience – guests personally fill out their orders on an easy-to-read and stylish sheet.

BRUTØ’s brand identity brings to life their focus on elegant yet casual dining and their modern menu of seasonal produce and market-fresh shared plates. Guests can’t resist coming back for more.
BRUTØ Instagram