25hours Hotels

A page-turning magazine for a forward-thinking hotel group

German boutique chain 25hours Hotels launched in 2005 and now have 13 hotels in nine cities including Vienna, Hamburg and Paris.

They're known for their daring, whimsy and attention to detail – each property has its own individual story, which translates to amenities like rooftop saunas, lobby record players and soon, a drive-in cinema in Dubai. We paired with 25hours to create a unique print magazine called Companion.


Companion, a joint project with our editorial arm Friends of Friends, taps into our global network of trusted creatives from the worlds of art and design, architecture, music, gastronomy, sport and beyond. Each issue follows the trail of the world’s most interesting people, places, things and trends, giving readers insider tips on the best places to go and things to do.

Companion is a full-color print magazine designed like a classic tabloid newspaper – a front page draws in readers with eye-catching photos, fonts and headlines of different sizes, inviting them to turn the page. City guides and full-length interviews mingle with up-to-the-minute cultural tips and playlists, in English and German.

Companion Magazine’s concept, design and development is all done by us. 25hours liked it so much that our Companion pieces now scroll across the front of their website as well, offering a window into the 25hours culture worldwide.

Our Companion website houses all past and present issues of the magazine in high-resolution, plus more information about the project.