PRIMUS Immobilien AG

Creating memorable vacations on the Baltic Sea

Real estate developer PRIMUS Immobilien approached MoreSleep to create a scalable hotel brand that enabled their expansion into hospitality. The outcome: VELA, a desirable seaside destination.

After determining the brand strategy and hierarchy, VELA had a defined purpose: to create moments that will be remembered, and a mission to make each stay unforgettable. The identity built upon the strategy, with an evocative, maritime-inspired visual language that suggested the magic of vacations by the sea.

VELA — Latin "sail of the ship"

The identity was rolled out into a full communication concept, with MoreSleep producing content for the sales process.

VELA stands for a relaxed, seaside holiday feeling among a serene atmosphere. Rooms for every demand, enriched with fresh design, modern services and an ideal lifestyle. Elevating personal time out to a thoroughly relaxed level.