Grill Royal Group

A dynamic online presence for a rapidly growing restaurant group

Grill Royal Group operates six restaurants in Berlin, with more on the way. They needed a digital and social solution that was easy to use but flexible enough to showcase the diverse personalities of each space, from their flagship steakhouse Grill Royal to their Michelin-starred Thai spot Kindee.

We created a nimble ‘white label’ web solution with multiple design elements that can be mixed and matched to create an individual style for each location. The restaurants share the same easy-to-use navigation system but each has a unique colour palette and branding directly inspired by its personality.

MoreSleep developed the strategy and produced the content for the group’s social media channels – each restaurant has its own unique voice, developed through stylish and mouth-watering photography and bespoke text.

We can’t wait to see what Grill Royal Group comes up with next. In the meantime, visit their award-winning restaurants next time you’re in Berlin. And tell them MoreSleep sent you!