Frederik G. Pferdt

Developing Frederik Pferdt’s Personal Brand & Business

Our collaboration with Frederik Pferdt, Google's first Chief Innovation Evangelist, focused on transitioning his professional identity from a corporate leader to an independent innovator and entrepreneur. We developed a comprehensive brand strategy and vision that encapsulate Frederik's unique value proposition and thought leadership.

We began by deeply understanding Frederik’s core values, vision, and professional ethos, emphasizing his radical optimism and positivity. This foundational work allowed us to craft a cohesive brand strategy that articulated his mission to inspire and cultivate innovation. We highlighted his transition from a Google leader, where he founded the Innovation Lab and trained tens of thousands of Googlers, to a pioneering force in his own business ventures.

We worked closely with our former Creative Director Stefan Schuster in creating a bespoke and distinctive visual identity. This included designing a logo, selecting color schemes, and defining typography that reflects Frederik’s innovative spirit and professional gravitas and positive lifestyle. We ensured consistency across all materials, including business cards, stationery, and print collateral, reinforcing his professional image.

In addition to the visual identity, we established guidelines for keynotes and video content, ensuring a coherent and engaging communication style. These guidelines help maintain a consistent narrative that resonates with diverse audiences.

To bring Frederik’s brand to life online, a sophisticated and user-friendly website was designed with artistic and illustrational elements handcrafted by Stefan Schuster. This platform serves as the central hub for his business and achievements, featuring interactive elements and engaging visuals that highlight his professional milestones and innovative projects. The website’s design reflects his dynamic approach and commitment to fostering a future-ready mindset.

Our social media strategy, particularly on Instagram and Linked-In, blends professional insights with personal anecdotes, fostering a deeper connection with his audience based on the overall brand guidelines. This strategy enhances Frederik’s presence and establishes him as a thought leader beyond his tenure at Google.

The result of our collaboration is a strong identity that stands out in the competitive landscape of personal branding. Frederik’s new brand not only enhances his online visibility but also positions him as a visionary in innovation and creativity.

Explore Frederik’s innovative journey and stay updated on his latest activities by visiting his newly designed website: