Ørgreen Optics

Scandinavian eyewear through a fresh lens

Ørgreen is a Danish eyewear company innovating Scandinavian design with sophisticated yet playful shapes and futuristic materials.


We created a digital strategy and a new website that reflects Ørgreen’s pursuit of originality. Utilising design in a forward-thinking and contemporary way, Ørgreen now has a fresh online experience tailored to the needs and behaviors of consumers and opticians.

A timelessly simple and fully immersive website reflects the brand’s iconic and innovative approach to color and form. Fluid transitions and effects create a seamless user experience, while soft interactions make shopping for eyewear a more intuitive and pleasurable experience.

Colour enhances content to create expressive and contemporary pages. Products are given an editorial feel and users can browse magazine-style features and interviews that delve deeper into the Ørgreen brand and the people behind it.