Rooms Hotels

The website that put Georgian hotels on the map

With Rooms Hotels, Adjara Group restores historic locations in the country of Georgia into places of contemporary comfort. Our digital strategy and website for the brand redefines hospitality, service and content for international visitors and locals alike.

Rooms Hotels celebrates the best of Georgia — from the food to the architecture to the art and design. We developed a new look and feel for the brand that represents this identity: contemporary and bold, yet elegant and cultured.

The website lets the rooms speak for themselves. Easy-to-use booking and clear navigation on everything from restaurant menus to room amenities to local tips means users can rest easy. The backend of the website follows suit – it’s easy for staff to update the content according to seasons or to highlight upcoming events.

Rooms introduces guests to the splendour and richness of Georgian culture. The website boasts beautiful imagery of the hotel, from the stellar restaurants to the welcoming staff, as well as stunning photography of the areas that can be explored around their properties, from the streets of Tbilisi to the Caucusus mountains.

Our concept, art direction and design for the hotel’s brand book speaks to guests and potential partners alike.

From Tbilisi to Kazbegi, Rooms Hotels presents the finest Georgia has to offer, and now they have a digital presence to match.