A campaign tailor-made for the best fitting jeans

Selfnation is a high-tech jeans and chinos brand founded by a mechanical engineer and an information technologist. Their quest to find well-fitting, high-quality denim lead them to start a sustainable fashion company of their own. We had to let the people know.

MoreSleep spearheaded an editorially-driven TV and online campaign for SELFNATION, with a wide variety of touchpoints and engagement levels all driving traffic directly to the point of sale.

We produced a 20-second long TV spot – broadcast in Germany, Austria and Switzerland – that captures the attention to detail, materials and quality that make SELFNATION stand out. In addition, we created a longer, documentary-style clip for YouTube and distributed it on relevant pages using Google TrueView.

In addition we created a longer documentary style TrueView for YouTube.

This was followed up by an innovative social media activation around the tagline “The Perfect Fit” and an online banner campaign to get the message out.

Selfnation continues to apply their rigorous technical skills and passion to creating the perfect pairs of pants.

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