Engel & Völkers Berlin Residential

The future of digital real estate presentation

Real estate is a highly emotional and the most expensive product in society. If you look at the current market for real estate brokerage, you quickly realise that there is a digital backlog here. Our client Engel & Völkers Berlin has identified this potential and in cooperation with MoreSleep has developed a holistic communication concept for the brokerage and presentation of extraordinary properties.


Engel & Völkers is one of the leading brokers of high-end real estate. The brand is well-known worldwide and stands for very high quality around the service of real estate. In this project, we worked for the Engel & Völkers Berlin Mitte, which is the most successful location in the residential sector of Germany.

Putting the human relationships involved in the real estate business, as well as authenticity and uniqueness of each object forward, we realised a web design that’s adapted to Engel & Völkers Berlin’s values and image. Knowing it is an energetic, unique and daring team, which is reflecting the vibrancy of the capital, we approached this with a modern design solution which focuses on connection and authenticity.

With the development of a completely new sales & marketing platform, we have laid the basis for successful digital marketing of real estate with which our client is optimally equipped for the future and with the state-of-the-art editorial design, previously unknown customers are additionally addressed.

90 % of all search customers start their property search on the internet. The new Engel & Völkers website pushes the boundaries of the company and sets new accents without losing the timelessness that corresponds to Engel & Völkers’ premium position in the market.

The new Look & Feel intended to reach a much younger target group with an editorial character of the site and to set buying impulses more effectively with an extremely strong imagery of the real estate and their actors.

Based on the strategy and design thinking, we designed a personalised icon set based mainly on the idea of authenticity, accessibility and openness. The challenge was to create icons that are recognisable and purposeful, but do not reflect the usual look of the real estate industry.

Leads are the new capital for the real estate business. The previous marketing strategy was rather one-dimensional and did not pursue a clear goal. There was no interaction between the different marketing channels and thus the potential target groups were not properly addressed. With the creation and production of Socila Media Templates, we equipped Engel & Völkers with the right tools to successfully stand out in the market.

The Video

Together with our sister company FF, we have perfectly complemented our excellent digital expertise with the production of content and the result is a modern, refreshed identity of the Engel & Völkers brand, taking into consideration the Hanseatic seriousness of the headquarters.

Our partnership with Engel & Völkers continues into 2021, building on the leaps we’ve already made together to truly redefine digital real estate for the 21st Century.