Sharing the taste of progress with Georgia’s most innovative coffee company

As a new Georgian company, Meama on a mission to make the lives of coffee drinkers easier, faster, and more enjoyable.

Meama asked MoreSleep to elevate and future-proof their business, so they could inspire other Georgian firms to take the bold, creative spirit of the Caucasus onto the international stage.

Our broad and holistic scheme of strategic and creative work positions Meama as a national hero ready to take on global competition.

Brand Strategy

Our brand strategy helped Meama define their unique vision, and identified an audience segment that paired with their boundary-pushing ambitions.

Meama’s new brand narrative, values and purpose helped make their ambitions tangible and relatable to their internal teams, enabling them to harness the brand’s appeal for a wider pool of consumers.

Brand Identity

Our identity work roots Meama in Georgia’s cultural heritage through rich colour and shapes, with a distinctive clean and modern twist to reference the brand’s progressive modern mindset.

The creation of Meama’s new shape system was not only preceded by throughout research of Georgian culture and environments, but also coffee culture as a whole. Therefore this shape system is the result of both worlds coming together. It’s the place where tradition meets modernity, where nature meets urbanity.


To distinguish every blend, we developed a full colour system behind a tertiary palette, with options to extend their range into the future.