The digital future of the art scene – an entire branch in transition.

Covid-19 has not stopped at the art market either, and so here, too, it was necessary to react to the changed concerns and expectations of a new, especially younger, digitally affine collector base. The ART+TECH Report deals precisely with this change and reveals surprising and interesting results for the art world.

Our client was an independent organisation with the best connections in the Berlin art market with a strong interest in forward-looking scenarios for the art ecosystem. With great effort and passion, our client developed the ART+TECH Report, which analyses and explores the intersection between art, market and technology. The insights gained help identify new conclusions and be better prepared for the changes in the art market world.

In a truly inspiring collaboration, we successfully transformed the ART+TECH Report digitally into a state of the art website and at the same time created a reduced appearance that does credit to the context and importance of the scientific results. 

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