Oxa | Nanoleq

The first revolutionary wearable linking your mind and body.

Oxa is the brand new product launched by the tech company Nanoleq. A new kind of wearable that channels the power of breathing to analyse and improve your health and wellbeing by merging technology and health in a way that hasn‘t been done before.

Even if the concept of the Oxa product can be easily understood, the complex technology and the multiple benefits of the product needed to be approach in the most efficient way. Therefore, we’ve partnered with Nanoleq to develop the launch of Oxa by creating two necessary communication tools : a unique website, and an inspiring marketing video we art directed and produced.


With a playful & efficient approach, we created digital language within the website, that allows everyone to fully understand the complexity of the Oxa technology and its benefits for our health. To enhance the importance of breathing, we built a clean & “breatheable” layout combined with smooth animations & interactions.

Website launching in Q1
Stay tuned