The Ritz-Carlton, Berlin

Art deco rebranding for the restaurants & bars of The Ritz-Carlton, Berlin

For The Ritz-Carlton, Berlin’s overhaul we were asked to redesign all of their 4 gastronomy outlets. The challenge was to rebrand the lounge, the bar, a three Michelin star chef Restaurant and the cigar club. By focusing on the Art Deco interior and the Roaring Twenties background of the hotel's location at the Potsdamer Platz we created a consistent and modern look and feel.

Taking inspiration from the club’s Art Deco interior styling, the new visual identity represents an evolution for The Curtain Club’s brand.

We created an identity that uses the angles and shapes, found in the space, as influence for a new crafted wordmark. We gain a subtle nod to the Art Deco styling while keeping a clean and elegant logo.

As a place full of senses, aromas and fantasies, Fragrances combines the world of perfumes with the art of cocktails in a unique and personal experience.

Inspired by the rooms interior design, we have created a premium identity that takes influence from the multiple edges and crossings found throughout the space.

To live alongside a wordmark, we have created an icon that compliments the space. The diamond icon is influenced by the bar’s counter, with intertwining lines

Inspired by the day & night sculpture and the different all round service guests will receive throughout the day – we have created an identity that references the changing states the lounge takes on.

The wordmark becomes a reflection of the morning, afternoon and evening services. A circular shape takes different forms expressing the times of the day.

The identity for the Cigar Club is inspired by the sharpness and masculinity of the room. Taking black
as the main colour, and playing with a ‘tone-on-tone’ approach we create a bold and yet sleek statement.

We have created a simple wordmark that is reflective of the experience guests will have while within the Cigar Club. This logo will subtly live in harmony with the space bringing a sleek elegant identity.

Working closely with the The Ritz-Carlton, Berlin we named and designed the brand identity for their new experimental high-end restaurant.
The restaurant features an innovative take on German cuisine with a modern take on authentic staples. The identity aims to visualise the experience with a clean, sleek typeface and a playful signature.