USM Modular Furniture

The interior life of inanimate objects

USM is a designer and manufacturer of high-end modular furniture with a timeless feel. We created a multi-channel platform for USM called Personalities, showcasing how individuals relate to and style their USM products. USM

We created an editorial strategy and digital roll-out plan with our sister agency Friends of Friends. The first step was beautifully curated portraits of various Personalities with their USM furniture. In-depth interviews with these creatives gives further insight into their aesthetic, their work and their views on design in general.

A dedicated Personalities website tells the story of the USM brand and some of their biggest fans. We collated the most interesting photos and interviews into a 192-page full-color hardcover book called Personalities, in conjunction with German publisher Hatje Cantz, known for their books on art, architecture and design.

We created a book to give a timeless setting to their singular stories.

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