Designing the digital future of insurance

wefox makes finding and using insurance simpler and more transparent. They needed a website that better communicated this mission.


MoreSleep’s redesign reflects wefox’s product: clean, straightforward and accessible. The uncluttered, dual-language website contains eye-catching diagrams and modeling that depict the simplicity of getting a wefox insurance quote through their phone app.

Moving text, rounded fonts and a lively orange palette enhance the feeling of modernity and friendliness. Intuitively placed call-to-action buttons encourage user engagement in an organic way.

To break down the image of insurance brokers as “faceless suits,” we worked with our sister agency Friends of Friends to art-direct an editorial-style photo series that shows the empathy and warmth of wefox’s actual brokers.

We’re now rolling out this holistic style across all of wefox’s platforms.