Hotel Berlin, Berlin

A storytelling concept for the most 'Berlin' hotel in Berlin

Hotel Berlin, Berlin is a modern luxury hotel in the heart of West Berlin. They wanted to advertise their newly renovated rooms and give hotel guests a unique personalised experience of the city while capturing the hearts and minds of the locals. We created a campaign called You Me & Berlin to do all that and more.

You, Me & Berlin invited various creative Berliners to stay at Hotel Berlin, Berlin for a couple nights and personalise a room. A website and community platform encouraged Berliners of all ages to sign up and share their experience of the city. To kick off the campaign, we profiled a local from each borough – their Berlin stories are brought to life on the website via text, photo and video.

From concept and design to implementation, MoreSleep was behind the entire You, Me & Berlin campaign, from art direction to web design and custom editorial. This created a seamless experience across all touch points of the guests’ journey, both online and offline.

Our art direction didn’t stop with digital. We produced custom collateral for Hotel Berlin, Berlin around the project. Plus, we designed a modular and flexible frame concept to physically integrate the hosts’ stories into the hotel’s 500 newly renovated rooms.

The result of the You, Me & Berlin project: a new approach to design and storytelling for a hotel brand.