An interactive experience that gamifies learning about online privacy.

An engaging interactive mini-game to educate users about privacy settings on the Facebook platform.


The core idea likens your Facebook profile to a house: your personal space that is curated and handled differently by all.

The first step of the experience gets to know the user: are they extroverted super-posters, or instead more private.

We begin with a very simple question: How do you like to share online?

Visualizing Privacy

The range of house models that accompany the users throughout the experience represent different metaphors for privacy vs. openness. Taking clues from modern architecture, we brainstormed various ways to visualize privacy aspects on an introverted-extroverted spectrum.

Realizing early on that this would have to be a 3D experience, we also did some early-stage prototyping in Spline directly in the browser. Also, we created a set of 3D icons that prominently feature in the UI and tie the overall experience together.

Putting it all together

The experience is split into three main chapters that highlight different ways of ensuring privacy and security on the Facebook platform. We also took the opportunity to bust some common myths and communicate why privacy matters to Facebook and is at the core of every product they build.

In the three chapters of the experience, users learn about taking control of the audience they share with, setting rules about what information advertisiers have access to and securing their account.

Making it useful

Each step contains easily accessible information about the analogous Facebook settings, becoming a great resource for users wanting to learn more about privacy.

Additionally we included an actionable summary at the end, featuring simple suggestions on how to enhance your privacy and security on the platform.

The site launched in November 2021 for an Asian-Pacific audience (Taiwan, Hong Kong) and expanded across additional markets in the following months.

We also created a brochure to accompany a physical pop-up event at Preface Coding in Hong Kong, and prepared social assets to support the launch.

This project was online between November 2021-June 2023. Linked above is an archival version of the website on our server.