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    adidas Journeys

    Digital storytelling
    for the urban audience


    Freunde von Freunden

    More than an International
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Adidas Journeys

Digital storytelling for the urban audience


Global PR agency for adidas, Häberlein & Maurer, asked us to come up with a long term concept that translates adidas' commitment to sports for the creative urban audience.

The Journey

With adidas Journeys, we've created a series of outdoor expeditions designed to build and share experiences that take the fox out of the city, and the city out of the fox.

By documenting the Journeys in a personal style, a broader audience is able to relive the experience online.

trapez big Created with Sketch ( 8Riders

The first instalment took eight bicycling enthusiasts to South Tyrol.

Together with the South Tyrol Marketing Agency, we organised a challenging seven-day bike trip from Bolzano, across the Dolomites, to Venice - all in time for the Biennale.

trapez big Created with Sketch ( 692KM

Along the route, the cyclists discovered local food, culture and the great outdoors.


The Journey was documented and updates were shared online daily to give the audience live access to the progress of the trip, and to keep them returning to the site for more.

Authentic documentary style footage gave personal insights through the eyes of the cyclists via Instagram.

  • Day 1

    Breathtaking vantage points, vineyards, exciting downhill passages and a dip into the warmest lake in the Alps. The first stage had it all.

  • Day 2

    Without a doubt one of the toughest sections, but also one of the most beautiful with a stop at the legendary Lake Karer.

  • Day 3

    Three major climbs, rewarded by a spa treatment and gourmet dining. This day could have ended worse.

  • Day 4

    The team spent day 4 chilling out doing low key hiking, high adrenaline paragliding and a cooking tutorial at the local Michelin star rated restaurant, St.Hubertus.

  • Day 5

    With the support of professional cyclist Claudio Camin the team overcame the longest day of climbing, rewarded by the satisfaction of literally standing at the top of the world.

  • Day 6

    The big finale, and the longest stretch of the tour led the team from the isolation of the mountains to the salty canals of old Venice.

  • Day 7

    The final day of the journey was all about enjoying Venice and 55th International Venice Biennale before reflecting on the last days with one final dinner.

Editorial Planning

MoreSleep and FvF took care of all content production from photo to video and ensured that each stage of the Journey was covered and online the next morning.

Design & Development

The website is based on the idea of an ongoing Journey, which reveals new routes and stories each day, extending itself organically.

At the same time it is designed timelessly, so that the site continues to work now even after the initial Journey has come to an end.

We also integrated a Look book, shot during the Journey, that is seamlessly integrated into the site providing the opportunity to buy different items that were worn during the tour.


After the successful completion of the first Journey, people will be inspired to take more breaks from the every day urban life.

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