Wirtschaftsclub Düsseldorf

Reimagining the digital home of Düsseldorf’s top business club

Wirtschaftsclub Düsseldorf is a platform for business and social gatherings. As a place for networking in an elegant setting, it’s where exlusivity and authenticity meet. wirtschaftsclubduesseldorf.de


Helping the club reach a wider audience

WCD is the number one address for making business and social connections offering meeting rooms, dining as well as hosting events and discussions.

As the club had recently changed owners, we were asked to give the website a comprehensive refresh allowing it to reach a younger, more diverse audience as well as inform the existing members about what’s going on in the club.

A flexible system for a growing club

We started by asking ourselves how the visual identity could be re-interpreted for the web. We saw a great foundation in the existing logo and built a more modern design around it. In oder to highlight the clubs benefits, we created new brand elements such as illustrations and the color scheme is inspired by the clubs interior making it distincly WCD.

Based on this new look, we created a set of content modules that can be used in a flexible way to address all communication needs of a business club. We made sure users could easily learn about memberships, get an overview of the rooms and see which events are on at the club.

Our partnership with IAC, the club owners, continues into 2022. We are proud to help them present their global network of private membership clubs online and reach a new generation of members.