LAS Art Foundation

A branding partnership for a future-thinking art foundation

A detailed, dedicated brand observation and listening exercise. A new brand architecture and strategy. A visual identity transformation and a reimagined website.

Our aim was to reflect the LAS Art Foundation approach in their online presence: future-thinking, bold, flexible, and accessible. As a nomadic Berlin-based art foundation who collaborates with artists to create large-scale art experiences both online and offline, we highlighted their nature of empowerment for artists by centering the artists they work with onsite and adopting concise communication throughout their platforms.

We developed the website using Vercel, NextJS and Sanity, allowing the website to excel in both performance and content management.

We placed emphasis on creating a well-defined back-end structure while also prioritising the implementation of interactive elements, including hover animations through the frame system. Incorporating these features not only enhances the visual experience for users but also ensures that the LAS Art Foundation website maintains consistency with the identity we have established.

We’re working on some exciting projects together for their upcoming Events and Exhibitions.
Check out their new website to stay on the lookout for what’s next: