Crafting a tailored and seamless E-commerce experience

Mizzuni, an emerging furniture platform, offers a diverse catalog of over 3,000 products from selected EU-based manufacturers, all customizable to fit any home, office, or business just right.


Crafting a welcoming and seamless brand experience

When Mizzuni approached us to create their online store, we knew that building a unique e-commerce experience had to begin with a strong visual identity. Branding being at the core of what we do, establishing a recognisable brand presence would foster the engaging browsing experience we and the client were aiming for.

To achieve this, we started with a new logo that embodies quality and elegance, reflecting the essence of Mizzuni’s vision. We then selected a subtle warm and inviting colour palette ensuring that the products take center stage, captivating the users’ attention in a cozy and welcoming look & feel. Additionally, we created a set of hand-drawn illustrations, adding a friendly and approachable character to Mizzuni’s identity.

Our cohesive visual identity development not only aligned Mizzuni with its core values but also amplified its brand recognition, leading to increased customer engagement.

Expertise meets endless customisation

Previously known as Raumtrend, Mizzuni brings sustainable design to the forefront for both individual and professional living spaces. With a firm commitment to superior craftsmanship, Mizzuni goes beyond being just an online store. With decades of experience in interior design projects, the brand has evolved into a comprehensive online destination, blending its expertise with endless customisation options.

While customisation is a key new feature for the online store by highlighting products in various configurations when browsing the catalog, we also ensured that direct support remained easily accessible with just a few clicks. Our goal was to bring the customer’s vision to life, offering them a unique opportunity to customize their furniture to their exact specifications, thereby enhancing their shopping experience. Through new features such as product overlays on images and carefully curated collections, Mizzuni’s e-commerce experience invites users to think beyond the conventional.

Designed to both consumers and businesses, the website covers the user’s needs, whether browsing seeking the perfect piece for their home or as a business looking for comprehensive design solutions.

Innovative details in every corner of the site

In order to get the user experience optimised and interactive, we incorporated an advanced search module. It allows users to conduct detailed research, navigating through multiple categories, applying filters, and sorting options.

Additionally, we also developed an image map functionality offering an interactive experience where users can drag a cursor to reveal the products in their real environment. This feature helps improving user experience, making product discovery seamless and engaging.

Ready to transform your space? Explore thousands of customizable products for your home or office at mizzuni.com