Berlin Green

Creating a new narrative for a conscious lifestyle tech brand

Producing sustainable, honest and beautifully designed products, Berlin Green are creating new ways to bring smart lifestyle tech into people homes.

We worked closely with Berlin Green to rework their brand strategy – to reflect their future goals and highlight the amazing community they already have – and created a new visual language across their branding and overhauled the website to encompass all of their new values.

Brand Strategy

Through workshops and a close relationship with the whole Berlin Green team we created a new direction for their strategy by identifying what makes them unique in their field, creating a platform for growth and rethinking their values so they have the tools to revolutionise how lifestyle tech companies conduct and present themselves.

Brand Identity

Building upon the strategy work, we created a visual identity that explores the nature and physicality of the products. From the identity to the website we injected a natural quality. By playing with perspectives, key attributes of the Berlin Green brand can be introduced visually: transparency, honesty, sustainability and community. Together, these illustrate the circularity of the brand’s ecosystem.

Overhauling Berlin Green’s identity, we created a new design language built around their key values. Playing with perspectives in the logotype showcases their sustainability and the community-focused ecosystem. While the colours, typography and patterns reflect their materiality and modern design approach.


Guess what – we did that, too!