Branding a building that's re-thinking high-rise living in Argentina

Chamber Projects partnered with us to create an identity that feels different and radical within the Real Estate sphere. This new building in Buenos Aires is rethinking what high-rise living is. Slightly smaller indoor spaces for larger, more social outside spaces for a post-COVID idea of living within the city.

Our concept across the identity and application is the thought of contrast and how the building itself becomes a contrast – the structural building and the organic natural part that permeates throughout the building.

Designed to appeal to the curious, creative and discerning, the identity utilises the building’s inside/outside concept and interplays of light and shadow to be in continual motion, reflected in the website design. The playful typographic treatment is also a contrast that creates balance and harmony.

The building is going to be completed by 2024. Check out the building’s site to see on it would look like.