Communicating the fire and passion of Argentine pizza

ORNO is a new restaurant from Argentina's Mezcla Gastronómia that interprets classic Neopolitan pizza using the finest local ingredients. At the heart of this lively space is the Forni Grimaldi, a 400-degree traditional pizza oven, allowing you to see your personal pie made before your eyes.


ORNO proposes a vibrant new future for the fast-food experience. The interior mixes modernist shapes in vibrant pastels – the effect is a chic and contemporary update on Miami Art Deco style that’s the opposite of a traditional pizzeria. Based on a sharing concept, the oven takes centre stage, and the entire interior echoes its basic geometry. Inspired by this architecture, our identity for ORNO uses geometric and basic shapes, with a contrasting red logo that symbolises ORNO’s core: the heat of their pizza oven.

Working closely with the Mezcla team, MoreSleep ideated and produced all collateral in the space, from exterior signage to stickers to pizza boxes.

The website follows ORNO’s look and feel. A simple one-page design offers easy navigation, stunning photos and insight into the local producers whose top-quality ingredients make ORNO’s pizza one-of-a-kind.

We’re continuing to work on some exciting projects with Mezcla. If you’re ever in Buenos Aires, make sure you visit ORNO or one of Mezcla Gastronómia’s other amazing spaces.