Restaurant branding with the fire and passion of Argentine pizza

For ORNO, the new project from Mezcla Gastronómica, we created a flexible identity that embraces the pizzeria’s values.

Based on the pizza oven, the dynamic identity adapts to suit each of the pizzeria’s Argentinian locations, showing each outlet’s features in a coat of arms. Inspired by the architecture of ORNO, the identity uses geometric and basic shapes, with a bold red that symbolises their core value: the heat of their oven.

The website follows the brands’ look and feel. A simple one page design, smooth interactions and typographic opentype features.

The architecture of ORNO proposes a new setting for the fast-food experience. Based on a sharing concept, the oven is at the centre of the stage, and all interior takes inspiration from its basic geometry. As part of the identity we ideated and produced all collateral in the space, from exterior signage to stickers.

The restaurant’s pastel tones are juxtaposed to the bright red of the identity to add contrast and vibrancy. Vibrancy that can also be found in ORNO’s pizzas and dishes.