Friends of Friends

Our international publication and production agency

Founded by (No)MoreSleep, Freunde von Freunden (as of 2019 Friends of Friends) is an independent international publication and production agency with an extensive global network.

FvF Magazine is a living memento of a growing network of collaborators and friends that we have been fortunate to meet and work with over the years.

Now the oldest existing element of Friends of Friends has evolved into a hub that unites most of our actions.

We’ve moved beyond the digital. Utilizing the classic and timeless print format we’ve redefined the scope of Friends of Friend’s projects. Thanks to the publishing house Distanz and our distributor Die Gestalten Verlag, FvF books are available worldwide.

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With the integrated production company we love to create genuine video content by telling great stories for the Friends of Friends website as well as for brand and corporate clients.

At Friends of Friends, we’re obsessed with music. With over 80 mixtapes (and counting) compiled by our team and friends, we constantly provide a soundtrack to the world of Friends of Friends via our iTunes podcast and Mixcloud.


Facebook, Tumblr, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest are all important marketing tools for us.

But we don’t believe in annoying people with the same message on every channel, so we produce bespoke content for each platform.