Chic branding for Buenos Aires' coolest gastronomy group

Mezcla Gastronómia is an Argentinian restaurant group whose properties are synonymous with daring and originality. Run by creative director Lupe García with her architect brother Juan Carlos, Mezcla engages a team of creative collaborators across disciplines – from globe-trotting chef Pablo Massey to rock 'n' roll graphic designer Horacio Gallo – to breathe life into innovative spaces such as Casa Cavia, El Abierto and Piso Tres.

Mezcla needed a brand identity as inviting, lively and timeless as their restaurants. For the logo and fonts, we mixed the elegance of Art Deco with a subtle Latin flair, creating a look that melds seamlessly with each space’s individual design. The calming white expanses of the website evoke an art gallery, but they’re hardly austere – six custom photo slideshows demonstrate the stunning features and unique character of each location.

Mezcla means “mixture.” Each of the group’s spaces tells a different story through a combination of cuisine, architecture and the vast network of collaborators woven into their mix. Our website gives visitors a window into the many talents of the Mezcla team – from Lupe’s background as a film producer to the journey of barista Daniel Calderón.

Since our first trip to Buenos Aires back in 2016, we’ve had wonderful adventures with our friends at Mezcla Gastronómia. Check out our branding and web design for their latest project – a hand-fired pizza restaurant called ORNO – right here.