A digital home for the best sunshade solutions under the sun.

Schattenfinder is an online platform offering guidance on finding the perfect sunshade solution for your home. We worked with industry-leading German brands in the space to launch this website as well as an interactive recommendation questionnaire.

Everything in one place

Schattenfinder combines over 100 customizable solutions from five manufacturers. The backend is powered by SPOT, our custom asset management solution. We designed Schattenfinder to be super flexible – from the architecture of the landing pages to the interactive questionnaire. The entire product data as well as filter logic comes from a unified data source.

Not sure which solution is right for you? No problem.

We created an interactive product advisor that quickly points users to categories and products that work for them. It’s structured as a simple quiz with a few steps to find out more about requirements and mounting options for each situation. The experience is structured in two parts allowing for very granular filtering by requirements. All synced with centralized data coming from (one) SPOT.

Powered by SPOT

SPOT was created by MoreSleep and ENGN as an intelligent solution to a common problem: the expense, complexity and lack of customisation within asset management. It's difficult to keep all your files together and update them and check availability. SPOT takes a different approach, as a newer, thoughtful and cheaper solution to Asset Management Systems.
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