Centralise your data, so it’s all in one Spot

SPOT is an Asset Management System that is your ultimate partner in marketing success. Designed and optimized with decades of digital experience. It serves the sole purpose of making your life easier. Use this individual system and solution for all your marketing cases and channels, instead of a wild and asynchronous mix of systems.

No more rifling through endless folders or digging deep into your inbox for that one golden image. SPOT is your virtual filing cabinet, simplifying your life and freeing up your time. Easily sort, categorize, and access your assets with a few clicks, letting you focus on what truly matters. Check out how our client Markilux for whom we worked on an internal solution for assets management extended the usage of the software to a client-facing solution for Schattenfinder allowing for product data from different brands to come from a unified data source.

Share, collaborate, and exchange with your team members effortlessly. No more emailing large files or losing track of feedback. SPOT has it all right here, at your fingertips. See how one of our long-standing clients, Engel & Völkers, made the first step towards the transformation of managing their real estate assets across different locations.

Join us on this journey to streamline your assets and marketing workflows. Contact us at [email protected] to learn more!