The one spot for all your digital marketing assets

Imagine having one asset in different documents, updated everywhere at the same time. A system to keep your data, structures, processes ordered, searchable and useful. It makes modern marketing easy and efficient, no matter how many channels, products, regions, languages, items are involved. One SPOT is all you need.

SPOT was created by MoreSleep and ENGN as an intelligent solution to a common problem: the expense, complexity and lack of customisation within asset management. It’s difficult to keep all your files together and update them and check availability. SPOT takes a different approach, as a newer, thoughtful and cheaper solution to Asset Management Systems.

Get your assets together

You know what it’s like to go through an email thread of 23 mails to find 6 versions of the same file, forever unsure if that was the right version. Because guess what, it was the one before that. Feels annoying, right? SPOT is the opposite of that.

Find the right assets right away.

Everything is updated for everyone as it’s changed. Instead of digging around for the right file in its right version, you find what you need to work immediately. Teams have an easier time collaborating when everyone pulls together from the same source.

One single point of truth for files.

The seamless SPOT system provides you with one system to keep everything in a single location. It’s a uniform data source that was designed to turn all your “stuff” into useful digital assets that you can search, and more importantly: find.

Make your channel needs manageable.

SPOT lets you create and save content so it’s agnostic of medium. This way it can function as a source from which you can publish to all channels directly, while automatically adapting to media requirements in a compliant way. Purpose-built for publishing.

Work that actually flows automatically.

SPOT doesn’t keep your process tied down in management. You don’t need another tool to check in with. The system keeps an overview of workflows and status for each asset for you. It’s automated, so you don’t need to go checking in. A dedicated AI works for you in the background.

What's it for?

  • Consistent, high-quality deliverables
  • Manage, access and share assets safely
  • Boost your efficiency in all projects
  • Scale your asset creation and use
  • Reduce errors, increase quality & consistency
  • Better, easier collaboration with teams
  • Speed up creation process and productivity
  • Create content once and use it everywhere

Keep your data safe to use

We built SPOT to work with all your assets. You add your data, you own it. We help you set everything up in one workshop. After that, SPOT is intuitive and easy to use. Don’t worry, we can always adapt it further for your needs. If you want to stop using SPOT, we can destroy its setup for you at any time.

Try It – we'll SPOT you

SPOT is a web app and you can use it right now. It’s finished and prepared to make your process less complicated. To set you up and have all your content imported to be useful will take up to three weeks. Ready to use when you are.

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